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My days are long & stressful because my child is fighting Childhood cancer. The past week taking THRIVE has helped me get through the days a lot easier! Energy level is off the chart, multi-tasking is in full force, general discomforts are better & the Lbs are dropping! My hubby also got to experience THRIVE & I can say that every couple should be THRIVING together!

Day One: UNBELIEVABLE! Have not come across a product like this in YEARS. On top of my game all day.

So, today David came by the house to pick up his Thrive order, later in the day he texted me and said "WHY DO YOU LOOK DIFFERENT?' of course, to me I look the same, but he explained I just look better, happier, bouncier and that I appear to be thinning up and looking more tone! The scales have not said much good news for me, but they never do when I start working out, so I checked out my measurements and he was right, I've lost s Inches! and it's awesome that there Is an obvious change In my physical and emotional appearance from someone who has seen how yucky I have felt the last couple of years, and only having seen me about two weeks ago before Thrive, to, today being a totally different person.

I have been on the Thrive Lifestyle Capsule for one full week every day with the shake and let me tell you I am BLOWN away by the vivid description that Paul gives because I am the poster child of feeling the brain connection in TEN MINUTES after I take my first capsule!! You talk about laser focused with an incredibly smooth consistent energy all day long!! I drink my shake with almond milk, half a banana, and blueberries 4-5 minutes after and I find it to be WAY BETTER than any shake I have tasted from any other company in recent years. I DO notice my cravings are greatly reduced and this is a biggie but I have been a coffee drinker for 45 years.... I hardly drink one cup of coffee now simply because I feel so good on this capsule, I don't want coffee interfering with it!!

Thrive Change my life, I had the best day of my life. I knew then we had a winner and this opportunity was going to be huge.... Let's THRIVE together!* George Goodwin After taking my 1st day of THRIVE I could tell a huge difference. My appetite was down & my energy level was up. I was be able to feel full of energy and positive throughout the whole work day. Now I keep checking the mail box daily hoping that my Wife has won more THRIVE!!

So Saturday night I wasn't sleeping soundly and usually when that happens I am ruined the next day. I finally decided sound sleep is not going to happen so I get up and grab my Thrive out of the refrigerator and I take my Thrive Capsule for Men and follow it up with the Thrive Premium Shake Mix. I was thriving the entire day. I couldn't believe how great I felt the entire day ... beyond impressed!!!

My friend Toni was kind enough to share a sample with me and I can't believe the difference I felt! My general discomfort has calmed, I had energy to get a lot accomplished, and was better able to manage my appetite. The next day, with no Thrive, I was back to feeling how I did pre Thrive and wanting some more of it!

I woke up this morning with general aches and discomfort due to my 8 1/2 month olds feet pushing me all over the bed last night. I took my 2 Thrive capsules and had my shake and I feel like a million bucks!!!!!

"THRIVE is blowing me away!! 2 weeks in and we can't believe the results! 2 promoters have upgraded just off of a sample lol! My mother in law says 'it's like Saturday everyday' (she feels good) haha!

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Can life really start at 60? Yes, thanks to Thrive I am on my way!! My name is Lori Bond a small town Florida girl. This is my 4 Month Thrive Experience with 8 Weeks DUO Experience

I retired early to take care of my granddaughter, Rainey. At first I thought being a stay at home Nanny would be a piece of cake, but once her feet hit the floor she has been running full throttle ever since! I was taking care of her, after school care with my grandsons, cleaning 2 houses, laundry for 6, with church, community & social activities as well. I was getting home at the end of my day & collapsing in my chair before sundown! No way to live your life.

In December 2016 I was sick & tired of being sick & tired! I took my grandsons to Disney and by lunch, my legs & feet were killing me from the extra weight I was carrying around. My two daughters disappeared and came back with a wheelchair! For the remainder of the day my daughters and son-in-law pushed me around! I knew they must love me, I was 100+ pounds overweight at the time and promised them that day that would never happen again as long as I could do something about it.

Starting in 2017 I had been praying & fasting for direction. In April I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a statement made by my cousin, Michelle Yates, - "It changed my life." I discovered the "It" was Thrive. I had never heard of it and had no idea what it was, but I knew that I had to get some. I saw her link and went in at that time and ordered what I could afford. Michelle was the closest person I knew who was Superwoman. No calls, no sampling- done. So thankful for my Thrive Angel Ashley Handley she saw on my order that I did not order the DFT. She called Michelle and sent me a Free 30 day supply of DFTs. My second answer to prayer. She didn't know how limited my funds were but God did!

Day 1 - took my capsules and within minutes it felt like a lightbulb had gone off in my head - the clarity & focus was unreal. At the end of the day I noticed I had not had any coffee either (usual 4-5 cups daily).

Day 3 - 10 Just unbelievable - no cravings for coffee, sugar, or bread. Actually craved water and liked it - felt like my taste buds were alive. My appetite was controlled, I was not hungry and began to eat smaller portions of good food not junk. I had amazing energy, just going non-stop like the energizer bunny that Rainey had to keep up with me instead of reverse. I was sleeping soundly all night and actually woke up before my 5:30 alarm went off. My back felt good when I mopped or stood over the sink to do dishes. I found myself dancing around & singing - Stella (me) is starting to get her groove back!!

It's hard to describe the absolute joy that I have as a result of using Thrive. Finally, I have energy with No jitters, no cravings for coffee, sugar, carbs, appetite is controlled, restful sleep, happy mood & disposition, no bloating, general back & knee aches & discomforts calm, great overall feeling, skin-hair-nails improved. I have lost 29 pounds so far and on the road to getting fit and fabulous. The most amazing part has been DUO - I have lost weight and inches all over my body in 8 weeks.

Le-Vel not only has helped me physically but also financially - I made 4K rank in July and excited about the endless possibilities of my progression with this awesome company. My next goal is 12K and the amazing auto bonus! My whole family is using Thrive and both daughters are now promoters as well.

Thank you Lord for leading me in the right direction and for Jason & Paul who have made this girl's dreams turn a vision into reality! Aren't you ready to Thrive with us? Come on!! 🤗👌

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When you think feeling this good isn't possible. Think again!

Almost 12 months ago it was a challenge to get out of bed before 10, I was exhausted and CRANKY! I had an almost 1 year old that was following in my footsteps when I thought, "This shouldn't be what a happy, healthy 22 year old feels like." I knew I needed to be better for myself and my family. This is when Thrive made an appearance in my life.

My now promoter reached out to me a few to me and I completely ignored her 😬. Whatever...that stuff wouldn't work anyway I thought to myself until I saw it sitting on my sister’s bench. Long story short I ended up getting a week off of her and stared Thriving the next day. And boy did I Thrive!

Up at 6 feeling fresh as a daisy and went for a run! A RUN! Now usually I'd say if you ever see me running you should start running too, because it's not for fun but this was fun! I couldn't believe it. I got on a call with my friend that reached out and started promoting straight away! I knew I had gold in my hands and I needed to share it!

Fast forward today and plus another 6 week old bubby I feel the best I ever have and it's STILL getting better! Better moods, cleaner energy, clearer mind. ❤️

So if you're reading this and your friends or family have reached out to you about Thrive. Bite the bullet and try it! You've got nothing to lose and a new world to gain! 🌈☀️'

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I bet you don't see many 75 year olds out tubing with their Granddaughter very often! 😎

There's no greater feeling than knowing your loved ones are living the life they deserve. We are so grateful and blessed to be making these memories as a Thriving family!

Happy Sunday Funday!

~Teri Rickleff

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My name is Ann Markle and this is my Thrive Experience!

I’m 53 years old and before Thrive I was getting through every day like every 53 year old does…at least that’s what I thought! I am a business analyst, a part time potato farmer with my husband, and I volunteer in my community. Prior to Thrive, I wore a health tracker and was not getting the proper amount of restful sleep to lead a healthy lifestyle. I felt like I dragged through every day. I didn’t sleep soundly, I was grumpy and pretended to be happy. My couch became my best friend!

I saw my friend, Michelle, posting about Thrive and I thought, “what is she into now” and ignored her. She reached out to me a few times and I deleted her posts. I knew I ate fairly well and wasn’t overweight (stuck at a weight but not overweight) and I took multiple supplements every day. Michelle finally invited me to a “Thrive after 5” event. She would have a 3 day mini-experience for me to try. While at the event, I heard other people’s stories about their Thrive experience but still didn’t see how this was going to help me. At the end of the event, I was talking with other ‘Thrivers’ and asked point blank, ‘Why do I need this? I don’t have a weight issue, I eat well and take all my supplements.' The response I got was ‘Everyone has nutritional gaps….everyone and the absorption rate is very high’. I was intrigued by that, still skeptical but I took the sample.

The next morning I woke up, took my capsule and slapped on the DFT. I went through my morning without much thought. I taught a figure skating lesson and cleaned up the house. That afternoon, we had been running the potato processing line for a few hours and my husband needed a break….that’s when I realized I wasn’t tired or dragging….I figured it was a good day and I had been up and moving so it was a fluke. The next morning, I took my capsules, added in the shake and put on the DFT…..I didn’t just get through the day, I accomplished things that day!!! I felt a difference, but still remained a skeptic. I decided I would commit to the 8 week experience but was going to keep track of when this feeling wore out….there was no way this would continue.

When my order arrived, every morning I’d get up, take my capsules after my shower on an empty stomach, then take my shake and slap on a DFT. I felt pretty darn good and was pleased. Then I found out I wasn’t taking it exactly right! So I followed the instructions and started taking my two capsules when I woke up before my feet hit the floor! 20-30 minutes later, drink the shake and put on the DFT! WOW!! I thought I felt good when I was taking it wrong! What a huge change!! Not only did I have great all day energy, I was smiling….and SLEEPING SOUNDLY! I broke though that weight ‘plateau’ I had been at for a year. A few weeks later someone stopped me at work to ask what was going on because I was clearly very happy! They Thrive now too!!! Within two weeks, I decided I would never be without Thrive and wouldn’t ever pay for it again!

I have now been ‘Thriving for free’ for more than 3 months. As a promoter, and I am on my way to 4K VIP.


JUST A THOUGHT THRIVERS……Now that the kids are back in school (or soon to be starting) what extra steps are you going to take to TURBO CHARGE your Le-Vel business?

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My name is Michelle Joy McNelly and this is my 16 month Thrive Experience.

What is Thrive? Thrive is different for everyone, but everyone will tell you that Thrive is a blessing.

Thrive is my motivation, my drive, my energy, my mood elevator! Thrive is my support, love from another family. Thrive brings out the better me. Best of me, not what is left of me!

Pre-Thrive I was cranky, sluggish, and TIRED! Coffee, energy drink, Frappuccino, Crash on Couch! I went from 2 full-time jobs to 1 full-time job. I thought I would gain energy, gain ambition to do more things. I didn't.

My first day was April 19th, 2016.

Day 1 - Yes, I felt more energy, enough for me to not need my coffee or energy drinks.

Day 2 - I woke up feeling refreshed and did not crash on the couch that night!

Day 3 - Woke up before my alarm! Like before my 18 alarms I would set just to get up! Took my 1-2-3. On my way to work, I caught myself singing!

Fast forward 16 months - - - > August 19th, 2017.

-No coffee, energy drinks, or Frappuccinos.

-No more unhealthy eating habits.

-No more terrible cravings.

-My patience has grown so much!

-My general aches are calmed!

-My focus is on point.

-I have healthy weight management. I am down 15lbs and I am maintaining that!

-I look at everything differently - In a good way!

-I have grown a Thrive Family, a support system.

I went from skeptic to motivator!

Le-Vel ▪ I will forever be thankful.

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My name is Eva Knappneberger and this is my Thrive Experience.

I've been officially Thriving since June.

Pre-Thriving my fiancé and I were both working the night shift. We were always exhausted. Even after sleeping all morning long, I still didn't wake up feeling fully rested and would hit the snooze button until the last possible second. We were drinking soda just to get through the day.

Luckily, a girl I worked with had quickly become my best friend. This girl had energy to not only work, but go to school and take care of her son. I finally asked her how and she told me about Thrive and gave me a sample pack.

I was fortunate enough to be a Day One Thriver. I no longer needed soda, I had energy. I was actually awake when "normal people" were. I had to have a garage sale to be able to place my first order of Thrive. Thanks to the referral program though, I haven't had to pay for Thrive since.

Thrive has helped put me in the position to go for my dream job and go back to school in order to get a degree in Early Childhood Education. I'm so grateful to Thrive for helping me wake up and chase my dreams instead of just seeing them while I'm asleep all day.

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My name is Sara Crenwelge and I'm just going to tell you a little history, tell you why these photos are EXTREMELY precious to me and show you why I do what I do.

This is my Dad, Benjamin Manry. He is 61 years old and loves to weld. He is a HARD worker and has been his whole life.

While dealing with some health challenges, he was put behind a desk. He HATED it! Finally he was able to get back out in the field. Mind you that came with its challenges, general aches and discomforts, exhaustion etc. I remember he used to come home turn on his westerns and usually didn't make it to bed he would just fall asleep in the living room. He worked HARD.

Fast forward a bit.

July 4th 2016, my dad ordered his first month of Thrive. That following weekend my dad was in the backyard with power tools building a raised garden. Fast forward to now. He welds on large equipment running circles around the younger guys at work.

My dad is glowing, happy, LIVING. As you can see in the photos. My 27 years on this earth I have NEVER seen this man on a trampoline much less enjoying life like this. Thrive CHANGED THAT. Thrive didn't just give this man himself back, it gave him his 30 year old self back ❤️


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My name is Heather Frith from Florence, MS. and this is my Thrive Experience.

I am 27 years old with two wild boys, 2 and 3, and I have been married for 5 years. My husband and I are Thrive promoters and we most certainly love every minute of it!

This is MY WHY!!

After having my second boy in less than 2 years I was having a hard time! I was crabby, snappy, NOT the mom or wife I wanted to be. I wasn't happy with myself, and I was taking it out on the ones I love the most!

Last year I tried Thrive mainly with a weight loss only goal. I wanted to lose those last 20 pounds of weight that I gained with my pregnancy so I would have CUTE clothes to wear again, and get out of my t-shirts and Nike shorts.

I just wanted to feel GOOD again!

I accomplished that weight loss and then stopped Thrive, it did what I wanted, but little did know or pay attention to what exactly it did...I just wanted the weight gone.

I lost the weight, but went back to being crabby, snappy, impatient, no energy Mom, and wife again.

Yes, I kept the weight off but I was still just surviving.

This year I commented on a sweet friend of mine’s picture of her journey with Thrive, and she reached out to me, and I am forever grateful!!

I decided to not just buy it again but promote it because I finally realized what it did before. It CLICKED, it all came back how I felt when I tried it before.

I can now keep up, I'm less moody, I feel GREAT, have energy, don't snack on junk just to be snacking when I'm not hungry!! What's even better is now my HUSBAND does it with me and we are feeling AWESOME together.

God has answered so many of my prayers lately and I just know that this is what I was meant to do.

I am a nurse, work loooonnnggg shifts, love taking care of people BUT I wasn't taking care of me, and now I am.

Thrive is allowing me to accomplish goals and I have seen how this product has allowed so many other moms to stay at home with their children and I just know it will do the same for me.

I am myself again. As a family we do more, have more fun, I can keep up and just be WILD with my boys.

You can NOT put a price on that!!

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My name is Laura Giarratano and this is my updated Thrive Experience.

I am a wife and mother of 8 children with 8 grandchildren. His, hers and ours.

Two and a half years ago I was exhausted. I was living my life from the couch, and no longer giving my family the mom and wife they deserved. My marriage was falling apart and I was just about to give up trying.

Thrive was introduced to me, and what I saw first was the business opportunity maybe just maybe being the vehicle I was searching diligently for many years. It was the day I tried the Thrive Experience for the first time that I knew I just had to get this product in as many hands as fast as possible.

The blessings that this product brought into our lives has been life changing. I do not say that lightly.

Because of Thrive, I'm off the couch. I can give my family the wife and mom they deserve.

Because of Thrive, I am a better me. I got my "Happy Back" in life. My marriage is even stronger than it has ever been.

Because of this amazing opportunity Le-Vel has offered. It has been such a blessing in our lives.

The relationships made through this journey have been nothing other than God sent. We are so grateful for a team of Dreamers, visionaries that surround us, all to live a life that we deserve that can be passed on to our children's children.

Two and a half years later, every morning I wake up, and a shift happens. The wife my husband deserves becomes reality. The mother my children deserves is ready to conquer the day. I could not imagine and have no desire to ever go back to that old life.

Thank you Le-Vel for such an opportunity to feel better, to live better. It is now my passion to search for that need in others and share what Thrive can do for them.

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True meaning of a packed HOUSE! Check out this Living Room Local in Brenham, TX with Lydia Laws and a "few" of her friends! Thank YOU Lydia for your leadership! Big thanks to Mitzi Driver and Steffanie Kantosky for an amazing event!

~Amber Mainquist

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Hi, my name is Susan Kemper and this is my Thrive Experience.

I have been Thriving for almost five months now. After trying every vitamin on the market and Googling “what causes a lack of energy,” I was about to give up! I was beginning to think this was the way I had to feel.

Until one day I posted on Facebook about how tired I was, and a friend had commented on my post about Thrive. At this point in my life, I was willing to try anything!

I remember when my order came in, I was so excited to Thrive! From the very first day, I noticed a little bit of a change. I felt more peaceful and calm on the first day.

On the third day, I noticed my energy level was amazing and I was sleeping soundly at night. When I woke up in the morning, I felt so refreshed and was ready to tackle the day.

On the tenth day was that "WOW" moment where I knew my life had changed for the better, the moment where my energy level was stable without those afternoon slumps, the moment I knew I was getting sound sleep at night, and the moment where I knew that I was starting to enjoy life again. Thanks to a dear friend for sharing her wonderful story, so I am sharing mine.

I want to add why I won't go another day without Thrive! I love the fact that I'm more consistent with doing things on a daily basis. Reading the word of God has always been so important to me. I'm able to stay focused, and my husband, children, family, and friends all need that from me. I want to be remembered as cheerful, outgoing, and a go getter person in life!!!

Thrive has helped in many areas of my life. I'm sharing because I really care about helping others!! God Bless, and may God Bless you too!!

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My name is Hannah Burt and this is my Thrive Experience! It truly was the answer to my prayers! I wanted to be a better me!

I daily found myself at my wits end. I lost my patience continuously, was foggy headed, was exhausted, and constantly overwhelmed.

You see, I am a full-time stay at home mother of 6 and wife to a handsome Thriving man! Thankfully my lovely friend Roxanne introduced me to Thrive!

Now that I am Thrivin, I've learned that my life doesn't have to feel like work! With Thrive I am now clear headed, have an exuberant amount of energy, endurance, joy, patience, self discipline, & peace throughout each full day( & night) of kissing booboos, changing diapers, potty training, housework, cooking, running errands, LAUNDRY, helping with homework(x3), meeting and speaking with teachers/school staff/coaches, caring for my 1 year old and 3 month old, loving & assisting my husband through life, promoting Le-Vel, being a friend, an Aunt & servant of God etc. My roles and duties are endless!

I am blessed and excited every day, all day! I feel incredible! Thrive life is the best life! Listen to your Thrivin' friend and start your Thrive Experience now!

Don't wait any longer to feel your absolute best!

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I am Erin Fisk and need you to STOP AND READ! Feeling the need to update and share my Thrive Experience.

So obviously in this top collage is the old me. Size 16/18 and at my heaviest 220lbs. I had some life experiences happen that put me on a roller coaster of emotions. I finally reached the point of, I'm not going to rent anymore and that I have to buy and I need a new vehicle. So I bought my house, made the budget and then came my truck. I still was not happy. I wasn't happy with me in general.

At work I meet lots of awesome people, one of the best parts of my job. One day after a few or more visits from my amazing awesome friend, Michele Klawitter, and her son Jacob, she had a different look about her. She had this glow. She came in smiling and up beat. We were talking as always and she asked how I doing. Gave her my short bit that I was good. She then asked me if I had heard of Thrive and what it had done for her since she had started in Dec of 2015. Me being me, and a tight wad, not that I had extra money said that I would pass for now but I will think about it.

I kept watching my friend and her post and decided it was time. So my dear friend and I talked again and she helped me get started. Now mind you I had already started working out and doing better about eating since Augustish 2015. Now I placed my order and got started. Well, I'd forget a step or do all 3 but not in order. I wasn't seeing the results I wanted. Not sure what happened for it to finally click with me, but it did. And when it did...OH MY GOSH! Everything changed.

The energy, mental clarity, appetite control, my mood even changed which changed my outlook on the daily.

So that second collage of me actually taking pics to see my difference was in May 2017, I do believe. I'm in need to update those pics too bc I can see a wee more change since then too.

Did I mention I'm now a size 12 and 175/180lbs since I started my Thrive Experience? I don't weigh as a rule.

That bottom collage just shows the changes since it all started. From putting on a smile for everyone and making the kids stand in front to hide me in all headshots 9 times out of 10, to now… it's like, um let's take a pic all the time and show me off.

I have never been more happy with myself and comfortable enough to share personal pictures or just walk across the parking lot with confidence. So I've now stepped out of another comfort zone. Another goal accomplished.

People take the leap! Don't just survive, THRIVE. The 3 easiest steps ever. 2 capsules first thing, drink the mix, and wear that DFT. Sport it for the world.

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My daddy taught me ~ God first, never be a quitter and don't sleep in, life is too short!

My name is Melinda Albin ~ I'm 52, work 12 hour night shifts in an ER and this is my Thrive Experience so far....

I started Thrive several months ago: I took it wrong, hit rock bottom with finances/life, my referrer quit, I kinda fell through the cracks and gave up knowing nothing about Le-Vel.

A couple months later my nurse friend, Alyson Bunch, talked me into trying it again. She was driving a new Cadillac she'd earned in a few months (I didn't know what 12k even meant) and she told me things about Le-Vel I didn't know or remember with my stress from a few months before... Her passion for Thrive and helping others, inspired me to jump right in as a promoter but then......I was a late bloomer. I was not day 1 or day 2 ~ my experience was in weeks!!

WEEK 1...not much, WEEK 2....a little better, then WEEK 3.... I had not even realized how I was doing!! I had not realized I gave up several cups of coffee and energy drinks to get through my 12 hour shifts. I had not realized I was running circles around coworkers half my age. I had not realized my scrubs getting loose.

This is why I TRULY believe it takes the 8 week experience for some!

So for those who've tried and gave up - PLEASE try again! Don't quit! Stay in touch with your upline! Thrive has changed my life in so many ways and can change yours too!!

My BEST experience and "ah-ha" moment came to me recently when a friend called me crying - she was tired, had gained weight and was willing to do anything to change her life. It turned out she was a day 5 Thriver and then called me to say thank you for sharing this blessing with her...... Even after falling in love with Thrive and the awesome changes it was doing for me.....

I finally realized .....

Helping others is my WHY❤️

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Hello, my name is Heather Smith and this is my Thrive Experience.

I am a 37 year old single mother of 2 busy kids. I am also an Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner and work full time at a VA Medical Center taking care of our nation's veterans.

At the beginning of 2016 I weighed the most I had ever weighed in my life. I made up my mind that I needed to do something about it. Throughout the year of 2016, I slowly lost 60 pounds. Yes, I did weigh much less but something was still missing.

At the beginning of 2017, I was asked if I wanted a mini Thrive Experience. As a medical professional, I was very skeptical and researched the product long and hard before I ever even thought about trying it out.

-Day 1 I took one capsule with about a half a bottle of water prior to my feet even hitting the floor, I got up took a shower and while I was getting ready for work I drank half of a lifestyle mix in the rest of the bottle of water and put on my DFT. By the time I got to work, I felt something I had not felt in many years! I had so much extra energy that I felt like I was 16 years old again! I went through the day just waiting for energy to wear off. I figured the toughest part for me was going to be staying away from caffeine all day because I was the person that drank Crystal Lite Energy and Diet Mountain Dew all day long! But all I drank the entire day was water and the energy never wore off!

-Day 2 I took 1 capsule, 20 minutes later half of a lifestyle mix and put on my DFT. I continued the day with tons of energy and felt great.

-On day 3, I woke up took 2 capsules, took a shower and when I got out of the shower I was so energized I was dancing and singing which was totally not me because I have never been a morning person. I continued my 5 day sample and throughout that time my quality of life did nothing but get better.

After my Thrive sample was complete, I did not immediately purchase my first month of Thrive. A day or two went by and I started feeling like my old self again. At that point I realized just how much Thrive really did do for me. I went ahead and not only purchased my first month of Thrive but I also went ahead and became a Thrive promoter as well. My thoughts were if this product could make me feel so good in just a couple days, I want not only myself to be able to experience Thrive but I want everyone that I come in contact with to have the opportunity to experience Thrive as well.

Since starting my Thrive experience 6 short months ago, I not only have tons more energy but I am also sleeping better, my upper digestion is smoother, my lower intestinal function is more regular, my mood is better, and my generalized body aches have calmed.

Through promoting Thrive, I have already been able to meet some amazing people. The leadership within the Le-Vel company is so supportive and the most genuinely caring individuals I have met and gotten to know. I honestly can not wait for what the future has to hold for myself and this company especially now that DUO has hit the Health and Wellness industry.

Thrive has definitely been what I have been missing in my life for the past several years. When asked, go ahead and take the Thrive 8 week experience challenge, it might just be that missing link that you have been looking for too!

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Hi my name is Molly Johnson from Las Vegas. This is my Thrive Experience!

I know what you're thinking. VEGAS!

And you're right. I WAS a PARTY girl.

I'll break it down for you- my life was EXHAUSTING.

I've been managing and bartending in the service industry the 10 years I've lived here. Multiple jobs, always on my feet; in dark, smoky environments. Passing out for a couple hours for a “nap” after stumbling home at sunrise from a long night at work, waking up not feeling fully rested to coffee POTS, headed to work LATE with Starbucks; REPEAT.

In and out of long term relationships that became toxic- which ultimately lead to a path of self-destruction, unhealthy choices, poor health, stress, unhealthy weight, lack of restful sleep, impatient snappiness, exhaustion and emotional distress.

Fast forward to May 2016. I was in a funk after a ROUGH breakup. A zombie, surviving on multiple shots of espresso and pre-workout, ALWAYS an iced coffee in my hand... tired, cranky, not sleeping soundly, putting in minimum effort at the gym after a 12 hour shift until sunrise. I was over-caffeinated and spending $400+ in countless supplements monthly, spinning my tires and not making progressions. I had no idea what I was doing, just going thru the motions. I was going thru a “rough patch” of health challenges as a miserable, emotional, moody, hot mess.

I needed SOMETHING to change.

The phone call of my Grandpas passing changed my life. It was at the funeral- when his life was being CELEBRATED not mourned... it hit me. He always said, “Do what makes you happy. Who cares what everyone thinks? Dance like it's your last dance.” So I did. I started traveling. I hired a trainer to help me in the fitness aspect, and decided to compete as an all-natural bikini fitness competitor. A coworker and competitor on my team reached out to me about Thrive, and I immediately jumped on board. At this point, what did I have to lose when I had EVERYTHING to gain? Plus she knew the old me NEEDED this.

I started in November right before a Cabo trip. My family thought I was NUTS. Up at 5am, running on the beach. Day 1- I felt something. But wasn't sure what. I quit coffee cold turkey because I WANTED to. I had NEVER been a morning person- I was BARELY a person you wanted to tiptoe around most days! I can't tell you exactly when things started happening, only that it got better. I sleep soundly thru the night... I wake up early, feeling RESTED and MOTIVATED, pop my 2 vitamin capsules, mix up my lifestyle mix 20 minutes later and slap on a happy DFT. This was amazing. Rather than scheduled supplements thru the day I'm getting what I NEED in 3 easy steps. Plus I'm ALWAYS on the go. Thrive is simple. I cleared out my $1000 supplement cupboard.

I SMILE.. I have patience. I'm focused. I'm POSITIVE. I quit complaining. My general aches have calmed. My muscle recovery post workout has been AMAZING. My stomach feels better. I SLEEP SOUNDLY. I have smooth energy ALL the time. I'm motivated. I fell in love with LIFE. I learned what it was to be HAPPY.

Fast-forward, 10 months later, people are PROUD of me. I'm living inspired. I left the bar business to follow my passion and purpose to help people. I now have the opportunity to share Thrive full time and teach at a fitness studio; surrounded by like-minded, positive people who are truly helping others live the life they deserve! Each day is amazing and I look forward to waking up and LIVING!

Thrive will change your life, Le-Vel will change your future!

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Hello my name is Gina Boyd and this is my updated Thrive Experience since adding the DUO DFT.

A little back story on me when I first started Thriving 18 months ago. I was exhausted, dealt with general joint discomfort, general body aches and discomforts, and was overweight. I needed something and that's when my friend, April Cahoon, told me about Thrive.

I didn't hesitate to order because after the 3-day mini trial experience I knew I needed Thrive in my life. I decided to sign up as a promoter because I knew other people in my life needed to Thrive as well.

So moving on to where I am at right now. My general body aches and discomforts have all calmed, I now eat healthy foods and drink lots of water. I did join a gym back when I first started Thriving; which did help me lose some weight and inches, but I wanted more of a challenge and the machines just weren't doing it for me anymore.

So back in May I changed gyms. I now go to Fitness Connection and I started taking 3 different group classes (HIIT, Cycling, BODYPUMP and about to start Kickboxing) 4-5 times a week 2 classes per days which has definitely changed my body. I love the motivation and a positivity that all the instructors give and they push me to work harder and have helped me achieve my goals.

So when I added the DUO DFT to my three steps on July 6th that's when everything really changed. I've lost some inches and 10 more pounds and 5% body fat and it's only been 6 weeks. That's a total of 70 lbs since starting my Thrive experience 18 months ago. I'm so proud of the results I'm seeing. I never thought that I could be this healthy and fit at 37 years old.

Seeing is definitely believing. Thrive is something that you have to experience for yourself. Yes it is hard work, but with consistency and patience you will see results.

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My name is Vicky Hinds…and this is my Thrive Experience!

I’m 48 years old, and living in Austin, MN. A friend of mine introduced me to Thrive back in March of 2017, he started telling me all about it and I was INSTANTLY interested!! Because I knew how I was feeling, I was tired of being tired all the time!

So without even trying the product yet…I signed up as a promoter. Before Thrive I had no motivation, No drive, No ambition. I wasn’t a huge coffee drinker (just a couple cups a day) but my diet was HORRIBLE!! Eating way too much fast food and eating late at night as well. Pretty soon that all stopped! Thrive started to fill in the nutritional gaps I didn’t know I had. I started to notice change in my moods, I was happier! I felt motivated, I wasn’t hitting the snooze button 5 times every morning. I was excited to get up and start my day!! Be productive! And get stuff done! There were changes in my cravings, I was making better choices, healthier choices! I have more patience, I’m not sweating the small stuff anymore. And I’ve lost some weight - BONUS!! I no longer worry about what I need to give my mind and my body…Le-Vel DOES IT FOR ME! I will be a Thriver for as long as I live!

I could not be any prouder than to say that I’m a Le-Vel Brand Promoter!! I’m able to share Thrive with everyone I meet! This product has changed countless lives for the better. So if someone in your life is trying to introduce you to Thrive, don’t roll your eyes and shrug them off, stop and think of all the little things you could be missing.

OH!! Here comes the best part….then they introduced DUO and just when you think it can’t possibly get any better? It gets SO much better!!

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My name is Sally Walling-Brooks. I am a 51 year old mother of two, and this is my 3 month updated Thrive Experience.

As a former college basketball player and coach, I am knowledgeable about health and wellness. Stress, weight gain, short temper, the lack of motivation to get things done, or really the ability to enjoy life were most of the challenges I have dealt with stem from lack of restful sleep and poor diet. I tried to exercise more, exercise less, eat vegan, eat paleo, Whole 30, protein shakes, supplements, and on and on and on. Nothing I ever tried really helped that much and it was never a permanent improvement.

In May 2017, I made the choice to have the courage and commitment to try one more thing. I use the word courage, because I think it takes some courage to have hope and then to commit to that hope. I “hoped” Thrive would be different, I “hoped” that Thrive would be simple, and I “hoped” Thrive would be effective. I contacted my friend Andrea, who had been Thriving for over a year, and I told her I wanted to really give Thrive a chance. She shared with me her Thrive experience and about her promoter journey so far. It was free to become a promoter. I would have the opportunity to earn a great bonus and to earn commissions on product sales. I was in, so I pushed the promoter button. Andrea gave me some samples, so I could start taking it while I waited for my shipment to arrive. I committed to taking it correctly, which is so simple to do and which I loved right away. I also loved the taste of the shakes right away too. In the first few days, I was already having a positive experience because of the simplicity and the yummy shakes.

For me personally, on Day 6 I woke up at 6:30 a.m. waiting for the alarm to go off. This was a huge surprise to me because I am not a morning person. Since taking Thrive, when I lie down to go to sleep, I go to sleep with ease AND I stay sound asleep. I wake up rested and ready to face the day. That is life changing for me.

Promoting Thrive has really been no different to me than my previous career. I had spent my entire adult life as a basketball coach, so working as a team and surrounding myself with like-minded positive motivated people is what I do. I reached out to people that I knew could benefit from Thrive physically and financially. I wanted to surround myself with people I knew would tell me the truth about what Thrive did for them. That has been the best part. The amazing stories of more energy, better sleep, improved digestion, joint support, and weight management have been very inspiring and motivating.

Through my experience, I have been able to share Thrive with friends, family, former players, and co-workers and in just 3 months I reached the rank of 12k and earned the car bonus. I have upgraded from a 12 year old minivan with over 200,000 miles on it to a Cadillac. I continue to benefit physically and emotionally from taking Thrive, and I am reminded daily by my team members and customers how Thrive has changed their lives too.

Like everyone says, I don’t know what Thrive will do for you, I only know what it has done for me. But if you have the courage and the commitment to give it a chance, THRIVE will change your life too.

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